• Bun Cha/ Grilled Pork Noodle: 2USD
    In Central and Southern Vietnam, we also have a similar dish with grilled pork and vermicelli called Bun Thit Nuong. But as soon as I discovered Bun Cha, it has become my favorite dish in Hanoi. Rather than serving all in one bowl, Bun cha is served with a separate bowl of dipping sauce with
  • Bia Hoi Draft Beer- 50% Off
    Bia Hoi is freshest beer in the world! Not only is Bia Hoi the cheapest beer in the world, but it is also the freshest! Bia Hoi is a very light beer, does not have a strong taste during or after drinking it and contains roughly 4% alcohol. Bia hoi is made in Hanoi every night and delivered
  • Cha Ca/ Hanoi Grilled Fish: 5USD
    Hanoi Grilled Fish (Cha Ca Hanoi) is one of the typical dishes in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi. In this article, Cha ca Hanoi recipe will be introduced to readers with the simple way. Hanoi Grilled Fish ”